About Madeleine

As a child, I was already very fond of reading and writing. After studying Business Administration and Economics, I worked in the financial sector for fourteen years in a wide range of jobs. Luckily, they all enabled me to put my love of the written word to good use. I gained experience with such divers matters as annual reports, prospectuses, business plans, marketing brochures, web content, infotainment, comprehensive financial analyses and academic articles. In the evenings I took writing classes at the SKVR in Rotterdam. After I left the world of finance, I worked in academia for four years and this is an area that is still very close to my heart.

Since 2009, I have been able to dedicate more time to writing. I divide my time between the Netherlands and Scotland. Apart from writing books, I work as a consultant, a non-executive director and a freelance copywriter / editor in English and Dutch.